Recycling has a promising future in Cuero. Fifteen years ago the City attempted to recycle paper and cardboard on an old bailer. Aluminum was hauled away, but there was no recycling of plastic. Aluminum cans littered the areas around quick food markets to the extent that KCB held contests among the campuses and community with a can decorating contest. Contestants received a 32 gallon can to decorate. The results was so impressive and KCB's financial needs so large, that the City Manager gave the group a roll-off trash container designated for KCB can collections. The funds from the cans minus the transportation costs fueled our enthusiasm. With educational tours conducted by Cuero Solid Waste Department, students carried the recycling message home.

During the America Recycles Day

KCB again approached the City Manager to allow KCB to "Put Plastic in It's Place" for one week. Photo The amount of #1 and #2 plastic collected soon filled several containers and "PPIIP" continued to the end of the year. The City decided to continue this initiative, but the old bailing equipment was not effective. Because the City and KCB had been so successful in the plastic recycling mission, we applied for and received a grant for new equipment. What had been litter and trash the City paid to haul away is now recycled. The funds have become a new revenue stream for the City, and the can-clutter has improved. KCB had long wanted to recycle electronic waste. With the help technology recyclers, KCB was overjoyed to fill a small truck. Six months later calls came in wanting to know when the next collection would take place. The second collection the community filled two trucks. KCB began having bi-annual pick ups. By then the TV revolution began and the current haulers did not pick up TV's without charge. The City took on that responsibility. Haulers had to get two more trucks to handle the E-waste and the City hauled two truck loads of TV's away.

(Note from hauler) 2012 Report from Solid Waste reported: The Recycling Center is in the process of moving to a larger location in the hopes of become a more adequate facility. KCB is proud of the City for committing to KCB initiatives to make the city a Cleaner, Greener, healthier community.