Our History

Our History


1986 Polly Ritterskamp, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and her committee established Beautify Cuero, Inc. Under the leadership of Bess Blanton Precelia Brown, Carolyn Ferguson, and Phylis Lapp worked long hours to help beautify the community, educate the population about the importance of recycling, conserving natural resources, preventing litter as well as encouraging citizen participation in community-wide cleanup projects. Their efforts were rewarded in 1987 with the $36,000 Governor?s Community Achievement Award. These funds helped beautify city entrances on State Highways 87 and 183.


2004 The Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture reorganized the committee. Keep Cuero Beautiful became an ad hoc committee of the Chamber under the able leadership of Ann Hedrick.


KCB became a non-profit 501©3 organization.
(Dates ) HEB Brown Bag grants, "Put Plastic in Its Place," Adopt a Planter
CDC Recycled benches
Margaret Conrad,..(detail). Glenn, Sonny/Glenn
Jim/Sara selected Volunteer of the Month, Electronic Waste collection
Spring and Fall Garage Sale Extravaganza and ...More
Blue Ribbon Awards...


Under the leadership of KTB?s Anne Cunic and Kathy Gail, KCB became an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. In June of that year, KCB won its second GCAA, $130,000, to landscape a plot of TXDoT property on H87S, which is the site of two historical monuments: Settlers ..details, and the Benavides..details.


2012 Awarded 164 Recycling Bins from?.???


2013 Dedication of the GCAA landscaping will take place April 19th, 2013

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