Help Keep Cuero Beautiful

Help Keep Cuero Beautiful

You Can Help Keep Cuero Beautiful

Recycle aluminum cans, paper, cardboard, and #1 & #2 plastic. Visit the recycle center. Keep your yards clean, pick up litter,don't put grass clippings in the street.

Keep lids closed on trash cans, don't let trash blow out the back of your truck.

Plant drought and deer resistant plants. Plant trees.

Reduce clutter by donating gently-used clothing, furniture, and household items to Bloomingdeals, the Cuero Community Hospital Volunteers non-profit resale shop.

Put a lid on it! Most highway litter accumulates when trash blows out the back of uncovered pick ups.

Landscape with drought and deer resistant native plants: mulch, mulch, mulch! KCB members can assist you in making choices in plants.

Teach your friends and neighbors the value of reducing litter inside and outside home, campuses, work sites.

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